Hey folks! Got a real quick update for you.

I created a film collection as a sort of mirror to the music collection. At the moment it is incomplete. I want to make a background and mess with the styling a little more. I'm also unsure of what movies are really deserving of the list. In other words, I'm not sure how good a movie needs to be to qualify for the list. In my head I classified them all as movies that I would, in some capacity, recommend to people, yet this approach hasn't been entirely consistent for me either. I recently recommended Everything Everywhere All at Once to a friend even though I wasn't really enthusiastic about the movie myself. There are also some aspects of the movie that make it difficult for me to """publicly endorse""" it. Please forgive me for how pretentious that sounds. I guess all the films included in the collection are movies that I would like to watch again and I remember them well enough to know that I would probably enjoy my second viewing. You can expect movies to be added and subtracted from the list over time.

I recently just got over covid. Basically, my suspicions about it were confirmed. Having it absolutely sucks, but it's really only a threat to "compromised" individuals, who would probably struggle just as much with the flu. Does it suck? Yes. Was it worth shutting down the country for? No. Was it worth vaccine mandates? Absolutely not. If you'll recall my article about the Spyro trilogy, I also happened to get sick in May. As far as I know that wasn't covid (I had tested at the time and everything). Whatever that was felt way worse than covid. There is no feeling on this planet I despise more than a sore throat. If God descended from Heaven and told me that He could forever prevent me from having a sore throat, but the cost is that I would become transgender and use twitter… I would say no, of course, but I'd actually have to think about it for a few seconds. Covid was really more of an annoyance than anything else.

But hey, speaking of my Spyro article, I really enjoyed writing it. I'd like to write more articles like it, and more articles in general. After writing that article I set a goal for myself: I'm going to write at least one article per month… Then I didn't write anything in June or July. Whoops! And all I've got for August is this little off the cuff rambling.

It's not that I don't enjoy writing articles, since I do. A lot, in fact. When writing the Spyro review I realized that I had way more fun writing articles than I ever did making YouTube videos. I enjoyed the whole process. I never had to deal with the annoyance of video editing or recording voice-over or feeling the urge to squeeze in a cringy joke. To be perfectly honest, I don't miss making YouTube videos at all. It's an incredibly tedious process, I'm often dissatisfied with the results, and the platform has gotten so absolutely corporate and sanitized that I just don't feel welcome at all, and I don't feel like feeding into that system.

The reason I haven't written more is just because… I struggle to think of things to write about. Like, I could review the Crash games… again… So much has already been said about those games. I've already said so much about those games! I really don't think I have anything to add. So, here's my contention: If you have any ideas for things you'd like to hear me talk about, whether that be game reviews or general "life advice," let me know. I've recieved plenty of emails already, more than I expected to, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I enjoy hearing feedback and I'm honored that people care enough to send it my way. I didn't imagine that anyone would care enough to leave the comfort of YouTube and the convenience of YouTube comments. Hopefully I can repay the favor to you with some interesting writings.

Thank you as always for giving my ramblings the time of day! I hope to have something interesting written for September and I hope to reconvene with you then.