MONSTRO's Film Collection

Originally, this collection was just a list of movies I enjoy and would, in some capacity, recommend. Some of the movies are all-time favorites and some are just harmless fun.

I have updated this list to also include movies that I own physical copies of. The reason I didn't include them initially was because not all of the movies I own copies of are movies I would recommend. Some of them are gifts, came bundled with movies I actually wanted, or fell out of favor with me after I bought them. There are also some all-time favorites I do not yet own copies of.

So, I've come up with a little system to allow the viewer to easily distinguish between them:

BLUE - These are movies I recommend.

YELLOW - These are movies I own copies of. I've never even watched some of these, so a yellow rating doesn't necessarily mean I think the movie is bad.

GREEN - These are movies I both recommend and own copies of.

I had a tough time deciding how I wanted to organize this list. I was originally just going to do it alphabetically, but eventually I decided to do it by release year, as I think it's more fun to browse that way. Let me know what you think!