Hey everyone. A quick update for those of you who contact me via Matrix. I have switched to the default Matrix homeserver. Had some trouble with the amount of storage Matrix was using so I decided to just pull the plug on it.

My new account is @monstro1:matrix.org. I may attempt to make another instance in the future, so you should be following me via RSS if you aren't already.

If your account was being hosted on my instance: Log out of the Element client, make a new account, and add @monstro1:matrix.org. If it tells you "this E-mail is already being used" it means that you already have a matrix.org account. Go through the forgot password prompts as you typically would. My instance didn't use email sign-ups so your emails aren't being "used" by the accounts you had on my instance.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!!! Trust me, I know how annoying this is.