Michael's Film Collection

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You're currently viewing a list of every movie I have ever seen... with some limitations.

In order for a movie to qualify for this list, I need to have seen it semi-recently (within the last 10 years). I have technically seen the movie Shark Tale in my life, but if I were to watch that movie again, I would essentially be watching it for the first time.

To be honest, that's also kind of true of most of the Marvel films on here (I had debated whether or not I should even include Ant-Man and the Wasp since I don't remember a single thing about it) which I have only seen because I was invited by friends or family.

So... yeah, don't take an appearance on this list as an endorsement.

You're currently viewing a list of the movies that I thoroughly enjoy and recommend.

I have seen every movie on this list at least two times. I think multiple viewings are necessary to truly, deeply appreciate a movie. Don't let my wording fool you into thinking that every movie on here is a masterpiece that explores the human condition; some of these movies are just really simple, well-made fun.

Also, don't take an exclusion from this list as a definitive sign that I think a movie is bad. There are some excellent movies not on this list that are only excluded because I haven't yet watched them more than once, or haven't seen them for a very long time.

You're currently viewing a list of all the movies that I own physical copies of.

I think collecting is just a fun hobby. Among this list are some of my all time favorites, some movies I was a little over-enthusiastic about on a first and only watch, and some gifts.

There are actually a couple movies in my physical collection that I have not yet seen (such as Fantasia 2000 as of this writing).