Other Cool Websites

Blackmore (cryptofblackmore.xyz)
Fan of mine that was inspired to make his own website. He writes great music reviews.
Denshi (denshi.org)
My friend Denshi's site. Unreasonably intelligent for his age and makes great YouTube videos.
The Extramundane (extramundane.xyz)
Ex has great articles about RSS and (why you shouldn't use) Discord.
Latin by the Dowling Method (wcdrutgers.net/Latin.htm)
Classic boomer page and an essential resource for anyone interested in learning Latin.
Luke Smith (lukesmith.xyz)
Luke Smith is the reason I decided to create a website in the first place. Lots of great videos to be watched and articles to be read.
Tom Fasano (tomfasano.net)
Wholesome Christian boi. Lots of insightful reads.